Please come and help us organize this event!

Our next meeting:  Saturday, October 20, 2012  

 From 4:00pm- 6:00pm
Where: 27 Social Centre
2727 W. 27 Ave. Denver, CO 80211

I’m a 52 committee, Driver’s licenses For All, invites you to a community meeting. As a community, we are going to discuss the undocumented immigrants movement; organization, ideas, objetives, metas, strategies, tactis, allies and much more.

Future of the driver’s licenses for all campaign, initiative #52, driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. Come, join us and bring your friends and ideas.
Info: 720 935 6148 licenciasparatodos.com


Elena Gonzalez, 84, signing Initiative 52 on Saturday, June 23rd., at Carniceria Leonela in Colorado Springs.

Welcome to Yes on 52!    

We are a coalition of Colorado residents who are mobilizing to ensure that hard working Colorado residents are eligible to receive driver’s licenses.

Initiative 52 is good for ALL Coloradans. Why?

_ Driver’s licenses and state IDs allows Colorado to identify who resides in our state.
_ Over 100,000 people will be eligible to obtain a license, that means more income for the state including car plates and registration fees.
_ Colorado will save taxpayer money on courts, police, and incarceration costs.

There will be less drivers without a driver’s license and with proper identification in case of an accident.

Licensed drivers can more easily purchase vehicles, car insurance and pay licensing fees.

Who is eligible?
Any person who can prove their identity and community ties, the requirements will be:

1. State tax return from the previous year.
2. Proof of a number to pay taxes (ITIN).
3. Proof of identity issued from the country of origin or their consulate. For example: Passport or Consulate ID.

If you want to be a volunteer, call our main number 720-384-9612, 720-935-6148 or send an email to yeson52colorado@gmail.com
We’re trying to get signatures to put initiative 52 on the ballot of November 2012.
Our goal is to get 140,000 signatures statewide between now and June 20th.

We need your support to get the necessary signatures!
Check our calendar and join us!


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